About Us
About Our Business

A-1 Management was started in 1988 by Victor Perez, the President and
CEO of the company

"I was managing a mall and the level of contract services that was being
provide was very lacking, so I decided to establish my own cleaning crews
with a management  view of how to do things and A-1 was born"

A-1 grew by word of mouth founded on it's reputation of consistent detailed
service and all work performed in a timely efficient manner. Today A-1
services some of the leading management companies in our industries with
over 25 shopping centers and a strong presence at Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo.

A-1 presently has a work force of 35 employees and 3 supervisors in the
Tri-County Area. We believe that supervision is key to delivering great
impeccable service to our customers.

You wake up to a clean center and it is maintained clean all day long to
insure a pleasant shopping atmosphere, customer and tenant are happy the
center maintains it's value and the property managers load is alleviated .

      6265 SW 129th PLACE, #2304
      MIAMI, FLORIDA 33183
      OFFICE: 305-879-4650 FAX: 305-831-9101